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5. Energy consumption and acid deposition

Acidic substances are mainly emitted by the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil. Nowadays, we don't burn coal in our daily life in Japan. Burning of oil, therefore, could be a major cause of acid deposition. It is important to reduce use of heating and automobiles, for instance. But is that enough ?

Almost all items that we use are produced by using electricity. Most electricity comes from power plants where crude oil or coal is burnt. Fuels are also used by trucks, trains, ships and airplanes to transport such items. In addition, acidic substances are generated by treatment of our daily waste. Through all our activities, such as production, consumption and disposal of goods, acidic substances are generated, with particular relevance to energy consumption. The less we burn oil and coal, the less we suffer from air pollution, and the lower the level of CO2 emissions we emit, which contributes to solving global warming. In Japan, industries have been making significant efforts to reduce energy consumption. On the other hand, energy consumption in households has been increasing rapidly.


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