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Japan Environmental Sanitation Center

2019.06.12 Other

Renewal of EANET monitoring data site

EANET monitoring data site was renewed at the same time with revamping of the EANET website in April 2019.

Data Reports and Inter-Laboratory Comparison Project Reports in pdf format, monthly and annual data of wet and dry deposition and all data of soil and vegetation, inland and catchment in xlsx format have been opened to the public but the layout is improved than before.

In order to obtain the raw data such as hourly, weekly and bi-weekly data of wet and dry deposition monitoring in csv format, the data user should input registration information and submit on the website. After approval, ID and PW for data archive access will be sent by E-mail. The new system enables the data user to obtain the raw data in a shorter time.

Please look at the reference document and visit this page for further information.