Asia Center for Air Pollution Research (ACAP)

Japan Environmental Sanitation Center

EANET monitoring data management

To address atmospheric problems including acid deposition and air pollution, the EANET participating countries monitor the following 5 items: wet deposition (rainwater), dry deposition (air concentration), soil and vegetation/forest, inland aquatic environment (lake and river water) and catchment. The monitoring data is submitted to ACAP (the Network Center for EANET) and compiled/publicized by ACAP.
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EANET monitoring data management
Wet/dry deposition monitoring sites (2017) Ecological impacts monitoring sites (2017)
Wet/dry deposition: 47 sites
Wet deposition: 10 sites
Dry deposition: 5 sites
Soil and vegetation: 31 plots
Inland aquatic environment: 19 lakes/rivers
Catchment: 2 sites