Asia Center for Air Pollution Research (ACAP)

Japan Environmental Sanitation Center

Research staff

Director General Dr. Toshimasa OHARA
Deputy Director General In charge of the Network Center for EANET Prof. Fan MENG
In charge of Administrative Management and Domestic Activities Mr. Ryuji TOMISAKA
Planning & Training Dept Head Dr. Ken YAMASHITA
Chief Senior Researcher Dr. Meihua ZHU
Atmospheric Research Dept Head Dr. Keiichi SATO
Senior Researcher Dr. Mingqun HUO
Senior Researcher Mr. Yuta NANBA
Senior Researcher Dr. Akie YUBA
Researcher Ms. Mari FUTAMI
Ecological Impact Research Dept Head Dr. Hiroyuki SASE
Senior Researcher Dr. Rieko URAKAWA
Senior Researcher Mr. Hiroki YOTSUYANAGI
Senior Researcher Mr. Masayuki MOROHASHI
Data Management Dept Head Dr. Junichi KUROKAWA
Senior Researcher Mr. Hiroyuki SASAKI
Senior Researcher Dr. Yusuke KIRIYAMA
Researcher Dr. Kim-Oanh PHAM
Researcher Ms. Kumiko NAKAMURA