Asia Center for Air Pollution Research (ACAP)

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2024.02.21 Events

Technical Mission to Support EANET Activities in Indonesia, Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Mongolia

Asia Center for Air Pollution Research (ACAP), as the Network Center (NC) for the Acid Deposition Monitoring Network in East Asia (EANET) dispatched technical missions to Indonesia, Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Mongolia to support the EANET activities.

1. Mongolia

Duration: 12th to 19th November 2023
Places: Ulaanbaatar

We updated monitoring site information, provided technical advice on the analysis of ion chromatography analysis results, and replaced a new rain sensor. We also visited Mongolian government agencies and universities to explain and deepen understanding of EANET activities and VOCs projects, and conducted the VOCs monitoring and training using sorbent tubes method successfully.


2. Indonesia

Duration: 11th to 16th December 2023
Places: Jakarta, Bandung

This mission visited all the institutes related to EANET activities to give sufficient technical guidance, hear the comments and suggestions on how to conduct the EANET activities and give the possible suggestion on institutional arrangement to implement the EANET activities in Indonesia.


3. Lao PDR

Duration: 11th to 15th December 2023
Places: Vientiane

A meeting was held to exchange views on EANET activities. The mission visited the EANET monitoring site and repaired Wet-Only sampler (for rain sampling) and Filter Pack (for gas and aerosol sampling) equipment. The mission provided technical advice on inspection procedures for these instruments and a PM2.5 monitor. At the laboratory, the mission explained analytical procedures and provided technical suggestions for the ion chromatography.


4. Cambodia

Duration: 8th to 12th January 2024
Places: Phnom Penh

The continuous monitoring of PM2.5, ozone, rain and particle and gas using filter pack has been conducted in Phnom Penh. We conducted the maintenance and calibration of ozone monitor, training for ozone data report, and technical advice to the repair of sampling system and ion chromatography in technical mission.


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