Asia Center for Air Pollution Research (ACAP)

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FY 2022 Conferences

International conference

Long-range transport and modeling

Y. Kiriyama, Trial of NH3 Emission Estimation in Asian Region by CTM, Collaborative Research Program: For Better Air Quality Over North East Asia for upcoming the 3rd annual meeting, Nov, 2022


K. Shimada, M. Nohchi, X. Yang, T. Sugiyama, K. Miura, A. Takami, K. Sato, X. Chen, S. Kato, Y. Kajii, F. Meng, S. Hatakeyama, Degradation of PAHs during long range transport based on simultaneous measurements at Tuoji Island, China, and at Fukue Island and Cape Hedo, Japan, The 12th Asian Aerosol Conference (AAC) (2022)