Asia Center for Air Pollution Research (ACAP)

Japan Environmental Sanitation Center

FY 2023 Papers

Peer-reviewed articles

Atmospheric deposition

A.S. Mgelwa, F. Zhu, D. Huang, L. Song, Y. Wang, G.A. Gurmesa, A. Wang, M. Liu, S. Huang, Q. Qiu, H. Sase, W. Zhu, Y. Fang, Patterns and drivers of atmospheric inorganic nitrogen deposition in Northeast Asia, Journal of Environmental Management 349, 119343(2024)

Long-range transport and modeling

K. Shimada, Y. Geka, S. Kato, C. K. Chan, Y. P. Kim, C.-F. Ou-Yang, N.-H. Lin, S. Hatakeyama, Possibility of condensation of nitric acid for cloud condensation nucleus in the summer at Mt. Fuji, Atmospheric Pollution Research, 15, 101940(2024)
K. Hayakawa, K. O. Pham, A. Takami, H. Odajima, E. G. Nagato, A. Hara, H. Nakamura, Contributions of long-range transport from the Asian continent and local emissions on atmospheric PM2.5, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and their nitro-derivatives in Kanazawa and Noto Peninsula, Japan, Heliyon, 10(2024) e27320

Ecological impact

A. Ohta, K. Takahashi, H. Sase, N. Murao, K. Takada, M. Yamaguchi, H. Murakami, S. Nakaba, M. Watanabe, K. Mizukawa, H. Takada, T. Izuta, Relationship between the amount of black carbon particles deposited on the leaf surface and leaf surface traits in nine urban greening tree species, International Journal of Phytoremediation, 25:10, 1384-1396(2023)
T. Saito, M. Nakata, N. Yamashita, Y. Inomata, S. Uchiyama, T. Ohizumi, H. Sase, Vertical changes in sulfur isotopic ratio of water flowing through a forested catchment along the coast of the Sea of Japan in central Japan–a buffer against seasonal transboundary air pollution, Journal of Forest Research, 28:4, 240-250(2023)
R. Urakawa, H. Toda, Y. Cao, Long-term changes in stream water chemistry in small forested watersheds in the northern Kanto region, Ecological Research, 1–13 (2024)


M. Crippa, D. Guizzardi, T. Butler, T. Keating, R. Wu, J. Kaminski, J. Kuenen, J. Kurokawa, S. Chatani, T. Morikawa, G. Pouliot, J. Racine, M. D., Moran, Z. Klimont, P. M. Manseau, R. Mashayekhi, B. H. Henderson, S. J. Smith, H. Suchyta, M. Muntean, E. Solazzo, M. Banja, E. Schaaf, F. Pagani, J.-H. Woo, J. Kim, F. Monforti-Ferrario, E. Pisoni, J. Zhang, D. Niemi, M. Sassi, T. Ansari, and K. Foley, The HTAP_v3 emission mosaic: merging regional and global monthly emissions (2000–2018) to support air quality modelling and policies, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 15, 2667-2694(2023)
H. Tsujiguchi, Y. Sakamoto, A. Hara, K. Suzuki, S. Miyagi, M. Nakamura, C. Takazawa, K. O. Pham, TTT. Nguyen, Y. Kambayashi, Y. Shimizu, H. Tsuboi, Y. Ono, T. Hamagishi, A. Shibata, K. Hayashi, T. Konoshita, H. Nakamura, Longitudinal Relationship between Multiple Screen-Based Sedentary Behavior and Nutrient Intake in Japanese Children: An Observational Epidemiological Cohort Study, Environ Health Prev Med, 2024:29:15. doi: 10.1265/ehpm.23-00307 (2024)
M. Li, J. Kurokawa, Q. Zhang, J.-H. Woo, T. Morikawa, S. Chatani, Z. Lu, Y. Son, G. Geng, H. Hu, J. Kim, O. R. Cooper, B. C. McDonald, MIXv2: a long-term mosaic emission inventory for Asia (2010–2017), EGUsphere [preprint] (2023)