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2022.12.02 Events

The 13th International Workshop on Atmospheric Modeling Research in East Asia – Join us on December 22nd-23rd!


1. Background

The EANET has developed a close relationship with the community of Model Inter-Comparison Studies for Asia (MICS-Asia) which is a project aiming at improving air quality and climate models not only by enhancing scientific understanding of the atmospheric environment but also by developing a common scientific understanding for policy-making in Asia. The International Workshop on Atmospheric Modeling Research in East Asia is a regular workshop of MICS-Asia which has received support from the EANET throughout the previous Medium Term Plans. Summaries of previous MICS-Asia workshops are available in the Reports of the Session of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) on the EANET.

Air quality models are effective scientific tools to understand the status of the atmospheric environment and evaluate the effects of mitigation measures. However, extensive experience is necessary to utilize air quality models effectively, and participating in workshops led by experienced researchers is a practical way to develop skills and expertise on this matter.


2. Objectives and Participants

The International Workshop on Atmospheric Modeling Research in East Asia provides capacity-building opportunities for air quality modeling to the EANET. Its goal is to allow participants to become familiar with a methodology to analyze the status of atmospheric environment-related substances, including processes of atmospheric chemistry and physics, using air quality models. In addition, participants will learn from examples of the application of air quality modeling systems to evaluate recent atmospheric environmental problems as well as from the latest information on air quality modeling systems including settings and model configuration.

This workshop targets participants from the EANET Participating Countries who are experts in air quality modeling and are willing to improve their knowledge of air quality models’ implementation and want to learn about the latest information on recent air quality modeling systems. The workshop is also suitable for technical officers, practitioners, and policymakers from the Region who are involved in air quality management issues and interested in utilizing air quality modeling systems.


3. Agenda and Program

4. Registration

If you would like to participate in the 13th International Workshop on Atmospheric Modeling Research in East Asia, please fill in and send the registration form to the Workshop’s Secretariat (