Asia Center for Air Pollution Research (ACAP)

Japan Environmental Sanitation Center

FY 2019 Papers

Peer-reviewed articles

Atmospheric deposition

Y. Inomata, T. Ohizumi, T. Saito, M. Morohashi, N. Yamashita, M. Takahashi, H. Sase, K. Takahashi, N. Kaneyasu, M. Fujihara, A. Iwasaki, K. Nakagomi, T. Shiroma, T. Yamaguchi. Estimating transboundary transported anthropogenic sulfate deposition in Japan using the sulfur isotopic ratio, Science of Total Environment, 691: 779-788 (2019)

Long-range transport and modeling

J. Li, T. Nagashima, L. Kong, B. Ge, K. Yamaji, J. S. Fu, X. Wang, Q. Fan, S. Itahashi, H.-J. Lee, C.-H. Kim, C.-Y. Lin, M. Zhang, Z. Tao, M. Kajino, H. Liao, M. Li, J.-H. Woo, J. Kurokawa, Z. Wang, Q. Wu, H. Akimoto, G. R. Carmichael, Z. Wang, Model evaluation and intercomparison of surface-level ozone and relevant species in East Asia in the context of MICS-Asia Phase III – Part 1: Overview, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 19: 12993-13015 (2019)
L. Chen, Y. Gao, M. Zhang, J. S. Fu, J. Zhu, H. Liao, J. Li, K. Huang, B. Ge, X. Wang, Y. F. Lam, C.-Y. Lin, S. Itahashi, T. Nagashima, M. Kajino, K. Yamaji, Z. Wang, J. Kurokawa, MICS-Asia III: multi-model comparison and evaluation of aerosol over East Asia, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 19: 11911-11937 (2019)
S. Itahashi, B. Ge, K. Sato, J.S. Fu, X. Wang, K. Yamaji, T. Nagashima, J. Li, M. Kajino, H. Liao, M. Zhang, Z. Wang, M. Li, J. Kurokawa, G.R. Carmichael1, Z. Wang, MICS-Asia III: overview of model intercomparison and evaluation of acid deposition over Asia, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 20, 2667-2693 (2020)

Ecological impact

Quality assurance/quality control


R. Wada, Y. Sadanaga, S. Kato, N. Katsumi, H. Okochi, Y. Iwamoto, K. Miura, H. Kobayashi, M. Kamogawa, J. Matsumoto, S. Yonemura, Y. Matsumi, M. Kajino, S. Hatakeyama, Ground-based observation of lightning-induced nitrogen oxides at a mountaintop in free troposphere, Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry, 76: 133-150 (2019)
K. Miura, K. Shimada, T. Sugiyama, K. Sato, A. Takami, C. K. Chan, I. S. Kim, Y. P. Kim, N.-H. Lin, S. Hatakeyama, Seasonal and annual changes in PAH concentrations in a remote site in the Pacific Ocean, Scientific Reports, 9: 12591 (2019)
S.-H. Wang, R.-Y. Hung, N.-H. Lin, Á. G.-Losada, J. C.M. Pires, K. Shimada, S. Hatakeyama, A. Takami, Estimation of background PM2.5 concentrations for an air-polluted environment, Atmospheric Research, 231: 104636 (2019)
S. Itahashi, K. Yumimoto, J. Kurokawa, Y. Morino, T. .Nagashima, K. Miyazaki, T. Maki, T. Ohara, Inverse estimation of NOx emissions over China and India 2005–2016: contrasting recent trends and future perspectives, Environmental Research Letters , 14: 124020 (2019)
D. Narita, N.T.K. Oanh, K. Sato, M. Huo, D.A. Permadi, N.N.H. Chi, T. Ratanajaratroj, I. Pawarmart, Pollution Characteristics and Policy Actions on Fine Particulate Matter in a Growing Asian Economy: The Case of Bangkok Metropolitan Region, Atmosphere, 10, 227 (2020)